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চুলকানি কি ? এর থেকে মুক্তি পাওয়ার উপায় - Itching-allergy - @dr.naren pandey

চুলকানি কি ? এর থেকে মুক্তি পাওয়ার উপায় - Itching-allergy - @dr.naren Pandey

allergyasthmacentre #allergy #asthma #drnarenpandey চুলকানি কি ? এর থেকে মুক্তি পাওয়ার ...

Yatyng Chang, MD - Immunology and Allergy - Memorial Healthcare System

Yatyng Chang, MD - Immunology And Allergy - Memorial Healthcare System

I am an allergy and immunology specialist at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and Memorial Healthcare System. I care for ...

World Bronchiectasis Day Educational Webinar -  by @aaida7818 and @gaapporg

World Bronchiectasis Day Educational Webinar - By @aaida7818 And @gaapporg

In the context of the 2nd World Bronchiectasis Day, which the global community will celebrate on 1 July 2023, @aaida7818 and ...

Anesthesiologist on 24-hour trauma call (busy level 1 trauma hospital)

Anesthesiologist On 24-hour Trauma Call (busy Level 1 Trauma Hospital)

What does an anesthesiologist do during a 24-hour, in-hospital call at a level 1 trauma center? Follow me into Elmhurst Hospital ...

Open heart (cardiac) surgery from the anesthesiologist’s side of the drapes

Open Heart (cardiac) Surgery From The Anesthesiologist’s Side Of The Drapes

What goes into providing anesthesia for cardiac surgery where a patient's heart is completely arrested? In this video, I take you ...

Anesthesiologist gets anesthesia (and surgery)

Anesthesiologist Gets Anesthesia (and Surgery)

What's it like for an anesthesiologist to undergo anesthesia and surgery? In this video, renowned anesthesiologist and founder of ...